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  • Step 1 : Complete the request form on this web-page and click submit. You will get an email on successful submission.

  • Step 2 : We will reach out to you with the advertising packages for you to select and make the payment.

  • Step 3 : On payment confirmation, we will create your personalized "Business Profile". That's it!


Now wait for couples to directly contact you. You will automatically get an email to your email address you have provided for every customer inquiry.

Kindly note that the 3-month trial offer has been cancelled due to popular demand.


in 2016 to 2018 according to statistics, 5 out of 7 Sri Lankan couples in Colombo found their wedding suppliers through online research. The Sri Lankan wedding suppliers market is growing rapidly in all categories and statistics indicate that the total expenditure on wedding suppliers will continue to rise. You can enter into this growing market by simply registering with us.

Couples choosing to get married are information hungry and are becoming more adventurous when it comes to planning their weddings. They spend more time researching for suppliers on the internet Googling and are eager to know the experiences of other couples who have used these suppliers before. Reviews and comments from other social media users are highly appreciated by these visitors. Wedding Connections website has been specially created with this in mind.


(Source: Google Analytics: Jan1 - Dec 31, 2018) 






Organic vistors are visitors directly coming to our website from searching information online, such as Google.

We maintain credibility to be able to rank top in search engines such as Google, which links these visitors to our website.




Why Advertise with WeddingConnections?

  • The most popular wedding website in Sri Lanka with proven independent Google anlaytics results of relevent website visitors.
  • Attract new customers who visit your competitors by advertising with them.
  • Potential to attract new customers who visit other top-end suppliers by advertising with them.
  • Mobile device friendly features and innovative website design.
  • Get free advantage of our internal marketing of the website which advertises you to more potential customers.
  • Our statistics prove that 95% of our website visitors are brides or grooms planning to get married.
  • Our website has the latest features to promote your business to the modern business world.
    • All comments are linked to actual Facebook users, creating social-trust and indirect promotion.
    • Suppliers can directly reply, comment or discuss with customers on our website using their existing Facebook page login.
    • Visitors can instantly send a Supplier Profile page as a Facebook message through "Send" button located on the Supplier Profile page. 
    • Facebook Like and Share buttons.
  • Backed by our support team who has experience of working with many suppliers.
  • Dedicated IT support team.
  • We market your company 24/7 in a friendly and personal way


You Will Also Reach Foreign Couples who are looking for Sri Lankan Wedding Suppliers

In addition to the local Sri Lankan couples, we have many foreign couples visiting our website looking for wedding suppliers in Sri Lanka for destination weddings. is uniquely positioned in many ways so that international couples also visit our website, giving you visibility internationally.


Options to Advertise Your Business on our Website:

List your business by creating a "Business Profile" page in our website is the main step. This profile page will be created in a chosen wedding supplier category and can be customized to include your photos, videos, packages and contact details. All the other standard and modern website features will also be available for you. This includes the 'information/quotation' contact form, Facebook buttons, Google map of your location, Reviews, file attachments and SEO for your page.

We also have few additional options to give you a boost to attract more customers attention:

Featuring - by "Featuring", your profile is brought right to the front page of our website. This gives prominence and priority whenever a visitor comes to our site, it also adds a special highlight and a star-sticker to your profile to show that you are a featured supplier among other suppliers.

Website Banners - You can provide us an artwork of an advertisement to publish on our website. Banners have standard sized and places. They are  displayed on our website in selected pages and gives a powerful visual presentation.

If you would like to obtain further information about how we can help your business grow, please complete the registration form on this page or feel free to give us a call on 0773 28 52 52.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be in touch shortly.


What if Wedding Connections isn't working for me?

We understand that this might not work for everyone but the great thing is you can give it a try and you have nothing to lose. Within or at the end of the the trial period of advertising your business on our website, if you are not happy, you are free to leave at any point. If Wedding Connections doesn’t bring you anything then what have you lost?!

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Once you have submitted your details from Step-1, a marketing executive will contact you with our advertising packages within 5 business-days. You can discuss and select a suitable advertising package and make the payment.

Step 3 - Update your Profile

Once the payment is confirmed, we will contact you for more details and create your business profile page. Soon after the page is created, website visitors can view your profile page and contact you!